Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time out to get back to drawing

O.K., admittedly, this is not my most exciting post to date.

Miss Taxie Cab-ernet and I went to the studio early this morning, having finished the latest painting (well, more on that) I was free to draw.

With shows and deadlines I have not felt this freedom in quite some time. I have so wanted to catch-up on my sketch book and just do what I love the most... chalks and pencil... for me this is that direct connection to art.

I did a pastel "chalk" drawing of my balcony... simple, no statement, just a very satisfying day.

What is it about drawing? I guess it is that direct hand to paper thing. I love pushing around chalks and getting that little kid feeling of making a mess. It's primal, your hands, your fingers pushing around color. I don't get this from painting with acrylic, it by nature has to be more precise, and by nature my work is "loose". Perhaps it is time to go back to oils? But, I do worry about that cute little studio pup and the toxics of oil painting.

As has been pointed out to me by friends and colleagues my paintings are so different than my drawings. The common statement is that there is such a difference in my expression. I agree. How to pull the two together, or do I want to?

As many of my friends are aware, much of my drawing portfolio was lost (a long story, so never mind) and it's been hard for me to go back to what I love. I have wanted to push forward in experimenting with painting and color... I so love color.

All of this said, my next experiment is to blend the two together... is this possible? We will see, time to start painting from the heart.

And as a final note... been wanting to take a photo of this for awhile, so here it is. I just can't help myself to always watch the streets and the art that is right there, if you look.

And back to the Bi-Rite painting. My partner Anne said; "Why don't you put more shopping carts in?". I said; "Cuz I don't thing the painting needs them.". Today fellow artist Kirsten said, well, kind of the same thing. So, I guess it's not done, more shopping carts on the way. Darn! Everyone's a critic!

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  1. great to see you working this medium ---- anne