Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Following the streets... Europe

The more I become interested in the urban street art, the more I come across some very talented and accomplished artists.

I have been looking at what is going on in Europe; Milano, Berlin, Warsaw, etc. There certainly are some amazing images.

As I look at these images, what seems to strike me the most is unlike in the U.S. much of the work is not based in violence. Political? Yes. But not so much of the “blood and guts” that seems to be the trend here. A great deal of this work is truly done from a basis in painting, how refreshing to see beautiful pieces in an urban setting.

I guess this really is no surprise as the great cities have always embraced public art and expression.

Check out the open-air project Absolut (Yes, the Swedish Vodka) is sponsoring. The project is called wallpaper redesign and reinvent your city and is currently giving space to American artist Ron English, who has been dubbed the father of Agit-pop (famous for his mural on the Berlin Wall’s Checkpoint Charlie in 1989). This one is from the Absolut web page:

I have also connected with Urban Painting in Milano and have permission to post up a couple of photos from their page (Thank you!): www.URBANPAINTING.INFO/

How amazing is this?! (I think it originates from this web page: - shamefully, although having lived in Italy, I still do not read it completely… but I can order up a great bottle of vino!)

And another, from the Urban Painting’s summer show; “Italian Street Artist Neve - just 3 hours to do this spray on canvas”.

And, well, WOW! (Again from Urban Painting’s page)

Me… after looking at these what can I say? I am just plug’n along. Finished or almost finished with the Bi-Rite painting and took a diversion for fun… chalk drawing of “Sock Monkey gone bad”.

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