Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gallery hoping in the Lower Haight

The energy was great last night with four art openings in Lower Haight galleries.

The first stop was at Bean There Café to see friend Mehgan Rand’s eye photos series. The show is of photos all taken with her iphone and they are truly amazing, worth checking out

Photo: Chris, Meghan and Anne at Bean There Cafe

Next stop was the Lower Haters Gallery to see the Ube’s Icecream Shop Lunch Party show. Ube Urban is an Inner Sunset artist and the show featured some of his custom-painted bicycles also showing were custom skateboard designs from CALAB.

Then up the block to the new gallery at Fify24F’s / Upper Playground for Porous Walker’s show (the humor in his work is outstanding).

Wrapping it up at D-Structure for a group show “Vices”.

Wow… all of this in a two-block radius from our loft, no car, no bike, no MUNI… how easy was that!

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