Sunday, June 12, 2011

“I am still learning.” Michelangelo

(Above: new drawing, nu-pastel on paper.)

I have no idea how I get so behind on writing this BLOG. I think about it, take photos and yet just don’t seem to find the time to get it all organized.

Paintings? Yes, working on new paintings and always trying to experiment with departures from what might be the norm from my style.

(Above: new oil on canvas of Golden Gate Park on a spring day.)

Although, I do realize that if one looks close, there really is no departure at all. I am always aware of not wanting to do the same thing over and over. I am also aware that there is a perception that an artist should be identified with a style from a commercial perspective, however, I am also aware of the pitfalls of formula painting. It is a tough choice sometimes… I just follow the need to paint or draw a subject that is in front of me. And probably like every artist hopeful that at some point it will “be the one from the heart”. Other artists will understand that statement.

(Above: painting in progress, new series about the invisibility of women in America as they age)

Some of these become series… can’t be completed in one painting or a single drawing and for some it’s just one statement. The ideas stack up. At times I go back a year or so and sometimes just have to get into what I saw yesterday. This is what makes being an artist so exciting, there is always so much to get on the canvas and it seems you never actually get to what it is you want to say. And then, one painting will be exactly what you wanted to do. It is a personal journey that, if you choose, you share with the world.

(Above: new drawing, Transformation, nu-pastel and pastels on paper.)

I remember the first time I saw Michelangelo’s David. To be specific, it was August 1. I was a vagabond hippie art student traveling for the first time in Europe. The point is, I was taken by a statement that a friend I had made along the way, Sally (an artist), from London, made to me; “The look in his eyes are as if seeing as far as one can”. Obvious to anyone who has ever seen this work, it is from love and the heart. Did Michelangelo ever think he had created the perfect work? Unclear.

After the earthquake and then followed with the nuclear disaster in Japan, like many my thoughts have been there. I put aside what I was working on and had to make an expression. I did an abstract, it is called Radiation, oil on canvas.

I also FINALLY completed the painting I was asked to do over 2 years ago (never tell an artist "take your time"), The Martini, for Valerie Aigron to be shipped to France. Now I just have to figure out how to do the shipping! Perhaps I should just hand deliver it?!

And to further catch up (there are others... but I guess that's what a web page is for?), I went back into and completed a large drawing of the thickets and oil painting of my walks along the bluffs at Sea Ranch on the Sonoma Coast. Not my usual to paint a sea scape, but I was so taken with a storm and the white water that I felt compelled to do a painting and yet I wanted to keep it loose and just an impression of that day.

Well, there are many projects I am working on at the moment, this is just a quick (phew) catch up. Now on to what I call the fun stuff!

Cool car and a cool bike sighting...

Check out this Corvair (my guess is a '64?) I spotted parked in front of the studio on Alabama. Really great orginal condition.

Saw this pretty rare old Royce Union frame on Church Street. I am not an expert, but think these frames only came in one size. Way cool bike!

photo of the head badge

Admittedly, not in the "cool car" category, but I thought is was funny. Saw this on Market Street. It say's; "Hillbilly dental - we loan you our toothbrush -Mobile Unit/ House calls".

And now some cool street art sightings in the last couple of months.

This kind of make me laugh a bit. You have this little gnome kind of guy and then graffiti that say's bitch. Just kind of odd.

Sidewalk stencil in the Mission. It disapeared within days. Loved the graphics.

Stencil in Hayes Valley. Was pretty cool, painted on a black building wall.

I came across this on a wall, 18th Street near Mission Street. Very detailed work and an eery reminder.

Below are three works by London based artist ROA. He was in town for a show at White Walls Gallery. It was great to have the opportunity to see some of his work in person, I am in awe of the detail and size. The Rat is located on Valencia Street (between 15th and 16th), the Sea Lyons is on Bartlet in the parking lot next to Mission Fish Market @ 22nd St. and also the Rabbit on Hemlock St. (near Polk St.) I love his work!

And yet another London based artist showing at White Walls Gallery, Ben EINE for the show Greatest. It is kind of fun to figure out what these say, like reading license plates. And I totally admit that at first I did not get it and then got into it. Here are two of the public space works that were apart of his show that I have found. I love the treasure hunt aspect of street art!

On Myrtle Street... get it? (louder/harder)

Hayes Valley parking lot. (brighter/ faster)

Left over from my last entry.

My friend, Milano based artist, Teo Moneyless Pirisi, was in San Francisco in February for the Linear Empires show at White Walls Gallery. Teo's work, which he calls Flying Graffiti, is very complex in it's simplicity. He translates his paintings into two dimensional installations. These are meant to be temporary. Many are installed outside, and many times in isolated natural settings. Teo said that he finds it interesting to revisit these as they change and disintegrate from being exposed to the elements over time. What is amazing about these works is that they disappear in space. Because they are mathematical solutions it is so fun to look up and walk around as the space in and around them changes.

o1 Structures, acrylic painting on PVC which we purchased. Love his work (you can see it in the photo below with installation)!

As any good Italian Mothers would do, we tried to feed Teo while he was in town working hard (and partying even harder). He completely took us by surprise and wanted to do an installation in our home, admittedly our space works very well for his work (so hard to translate into a photo... but see below). Thank you Moneyless!

As if the gift of the installation was not enough, Moneyless had another gift in tow from Italy. Ozmo, or OZ as we call him, sent this amazing print to us (see below image). It is now framed and a center piece in our home. We need to get White Walls to do a show for Ozmo so we can feed him too! Ozmo is on the forefront of European/ Italian graffiti art scene and yes, his work is not only well executed, but sends great messages. Check out the links I have posted below to view some of his work.

Gionata Ozmo Gesi (aside from his web link, you can also view images of some of his work here: ozmo1 )

Smoking Madonna with Prada sunglasses

There is always more to say. Never enough time. It is always changing.