Saturday, July 16, 2011

Embrace change... and wish your friends well!

On Friday, July 17, a few of us from the 2nd Floor Studios took some timeout from working to give Kathy Fujii-Oka an arrivederci party. Kathy has decided to consolidate to her home studio because that is where she ends up doing most of her painting. We sure are going to miss her and the great energy she has brought to the group. The good news is that she will not be far away so I am sure we will still get to see her and her beautiful work.

Above: Amy Spohn (Keith), me (Taxie), Kathy Fujii-Oka (Kanai and Matisse), Summer Makovkin, Janet Ji Song (Twizzle) and David Dworman.

The party was actually more a studio dog free for all. Five (Taxie, Kanai, Matisse, Keith and Twizzle) of the 8 little dogs that are regulars, chased each other while also trying to get to the food.

I decided for Kathy’s party I would order in from Danny Bowien’s new pop up, Mission Chinese Restaurant. A few weeks ago my partner and I got together with neighbors to give it a try as we were all curious after reading the article in The New York Times. Wow… the food is GREAT! Par with a nice French Champagne for the perfect meal. David provided crazy sugar high dessert... gone in a flash!

David Dworman will be moving from across the hall into Kathy’s studio next door to mine at the end of the month.

David does not have a web page so I consider myself very lucky as I get to view his paintings on a regular basis because his studio is near to mine. His paintings have this “not quite right” aspect to them and that makes you go back and back for another and deeper look. There is always this somewhat wonderful eerie feel and yet soft and beautiful, I have so much respect for his work. I can share one of his landscapes that is in my home. I love this painting; it is subtle and beautiful.

Update on what’s up in Studio 202. I have several projects going and these photos are with my IPhone… so not so great. (I wait to have photos taken until I have several because it saves me $$ in the set-up fee.)

I finished up the blue woman, the 2nd in my series about ageing and becoming invisible in American culture.

I also finished the 2nd oil in the Golden Gate Park series. I am enjoying exploring this subject; I find it relaxing and a rewarding departure. I walk quite a bit in the park and always see great light and flora; we are lucky to have such a beautiful and peaceful place in our urban surroundings. I am already to start the 3rd painting.

I am also in about in the 3rd week of a new larger oil painting (48” x 36”) of a swimmer snorkeling to add to the summer vacation paintings. I also love this subject matter and keep going back to explore a bit more. The painting is about 50% on it’s way… much more to do!

Now back to work!