Monday, March 21, 2011

"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies." - Aristotle

Photo: shadow of best friends outside at art opening

I was in the L.A. area, or to be specific, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa del Rey and Long Beach recently.

I drove down for the weekend to attend the opening in Long Beach of the juried exhibit that my painting was included in.

What a drive! It was that weekend that the storm was Northern to Sothern California, and I was in the thick of it the whole way down the coast. I took Hwy 101/ 1 as there were snow warnings on Hwy 5, and also because I love the costal drive. But got to tell you there were meltdown moments. Over the passes white out fog, wind and rain – eight hours of the useless windshield wipers going and speeds of under 45 miles per hour. I was happy to finally drive through Malibu and then see the ramp up to Santa Monica. I was home and minutes away from my best friend, Martha.

I love living in San Francisco, and aside from Roma, Santa Monica will always be home for me. It’s second nature. The feeling of being on home turf always brings up memories. Ah, to be a teenage surfer girl again!

Although it was a business weekend, I definitely had a great time.

Saturday scoped out the gallery scene at bit – came home with lot’s of business cards and some new contacts.

Sunday was the big day. Oscar night – always means so much more when you are in L.A. - but, hey, it was my opening and I felt like I was up for supporting actress (being in a group show).

Martha (who by the way is the principle of Martha Productions Inc. Artist Representatives) and I booted it down to the show, and being my "loving" friend took this photo. I probably should not post on my blog, but it is just way too funny, so suited the whole Oscar “red carpet” day and the artists worst nightmare of making “the arrival”.

I also have to thank my dear friend, Candice Gawne, for coming. She was dog tired from doing a marathon drive to and back from Las Vegas to repair a neon installation that is in a traveling show. I was so grateful that she came, meant so much to me. So great to see her and to spend the afternoon with two women that I so respect and love.

Of course, when Candice arrived, she was the star, being such a well known artist in L.A., and again, I was back in the “supporting artist” category. Fun day, met new people and artists, good show! And I am always grateful to feel the support of my friends.

Above photo: Martha Spelman, me and Candice Gawne

The drive home was great… no rain! Miss my friends.

I arrived home to a great installation in my home by visiting Italian artist, “Moneyless”… but, that whole story will be my next blog.

I also received notice that my painting, Motel Pool, 12"x12" was accepted to the Juried Mission United Artists Open Studios Show! There are about 50 artists showing, all small sized works. The jurors are exceptional; Piero Spadar of Hang Art Gallery, Maria Medua of SFMoMA Artists Gallery and Mina Dresden of Mina Dresden Gallery.

Here is the info, hope you can join in for the opening:

Opening Reception:

Thursday, April 7th, 6 to 8pm

Show: April 1 to May 1, 2011

FLAX Art & Design

1699 Market Street, San Francisco

Please stop by Studio 202 if you get a chance for Mission Spring Open Studios;

April 16 & 17, 11 am to 6 pm

Studio 202, 2nd Floor Studios @ The Art Explosion, 744 alabama Street.