Monday, January 6, 2014

A new year in Studio 202

Happy New Year! 

2013 was a very interesting year for me as an artist.  I can usually judge my productivity around the number of works that I complete.  Not so much for 2013.  It was a year that I had work in flux: reworking, rethinking and repainting.  

My studio was in wonderful creative chaos as I tried to grasp an understanding about how to bridge my paintings and drawings and yet not loose sight of my California rooted paintings.

Bought some new paint brushes…. wow was it time!
This past summer I locked the door to Studio 202 and our household took off for several months and headed to the beach on the Central Coast of California. 

As I reflect perhaps this was actually Taxie the studio pups vacation!  She went to the beach everyday, she went for bike rides along the coast and country roads and enjoyed having a back yard.  Talk about a happy dog!

As artists we are never far from what we create.  If we are not painting (or doing what we do) we are thinking about it.  When I returned to San Francisco I realized how much I needed this break and how excited I was to get back to work. 

The Shell Shop - 2013
Above is a new painting of the Mid Coast (Moro Bay) and I have another that is in progress.  I am also very excited about the new drawings I am working on.  

New ideas!  2014 is going to be a GREAT creative year!