Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens.” - Grandma Moses

Friday (July 9) evening started out with a cocktail and Brie Crepe at Ti Couz on 16th before venturing across the street to the opening reception of Escape into Summer at Artist-Xchange Gallery.

As an artist I am always grateful to gallery's for accepting my work and at the same time it is always nerve racking to have your work up on "the wall" for all to see. It's kind of a schizophrenic feeling. You can always tell who the artists are; we are the ones outside of the gallery pacing the sidewalk!

Also, THNK YOU to the Haigheration BLOG for the great write-up!

Afterwards I walked over with friends to the opening of Illuminated Forest at The Lab. The show was really fun, like being given an E-Ticket for a ride at Disneyland or better yet, in the middle of some crazy enchanted forest. Very cool show! Congrats to the artists!

After our little jaunt up to Tahoe it was back to the Studio. I continued to work on some drawings. (pastel drawing of Tuscana, Italy)

I have been avoiding starting a new painting and not sure of exactly what I wanted to do. Today I just jumped into a painting of a very industrial building that I have been intrigued with, well forever, on 17th Street. I always find it interesting how it just happens. One moment you are not sure what to paint and the next you are painting.

In this painting I am working on pulling together my drawing style with my painting style and then just let it all happen. I got the color and composition laid in. I am looking forward to tomorrow when the painting really starts to happen.

The heat is back on again... submissions coming up and Open Studios (speaking of tomorrow... have to go over to ArtSpan to approve the image proofs) are just around the corner.

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