Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Draw local, treat your chalks humanely

Rumor has it that Michael Bruton put out about 700 pieces of art chalk last Friday night on Valencia Street near the Post Project by Michael Arcega.

The concept, as I understand it, was that the sidewalk would become an extension to the pole project extending the messages.

The good news is that it is quite fun to walk up the street and see the total chaos in non-permanent graffiti. And yes, there is the usual downside. People who did not seem to get the concept of the project insisted on writing on the sides of buildings.

I enjoyed reading all the messages and expressions that will wash away come the next rain. Looked like all who participated had a great time.

Walking up Valencia I saw these small picture frames (approximately 10" or so) with a message.

And on 20th Street near Florida I spotted two more. I am sure soon someone will identify this elusive artist. Cool project. I like it!

Taxie generally gets the last word... and here she is studying the latest painting. I can always count on her for a constructive critique.

The painting of Pacific Atlas is close to being finished and I am starting to prep for the next project.

I have decided to start working in oils again. Looking forward to the change in medium.

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