Friday, January 15, 2010

The studio chair

I have been searching Craigslist and every used furniture store in town for months to find the perfect hanging out chair for the studio. I was searching for a cheap, somewhat beat-up old leather club chair, thought it would give that whole Paris artist studio feel on raining afternoons.

Then, one morning, there it was, on Craigslist - “ Ikea red chair $20.00”. I was so excited; the photo was of the same style chair that we had purchased from the Ikea in Roma for our Pz. Bologna apartment. Why was I looking for Paris, when a memory from Roma was the perfect answer? And in my budget!

Here is a photo of the same chair in Roma – with our very wonderfully tacky plastic bow-up Christmas tree (which has become a ritual that continues in San Francisco). I find myself (if I can get Taxie out of it) sitting and reflecting on the work I am doing. I love my new chair!

And in addition to finding the perfect chair, my friend Sara (and lucky me, our next door neighbor) has been coming to work in the studio with Taxie and I. It has been good to have her company, as it can sometimes feel a bit isolating to work alone.

Sara has been working on a figurative drawing that she is experimenting with, using small lines only - a bit tedious to say the least (I am in awe of her concentration!) Oh, and BTW, it is quite good; I am looking forward to seeing the finished work. As you can see in the photo, Taxie is very happy to have someone else around and is guarding Sara. That seems to be her new “job”.

I finally finished the Minnie’s Memphis Bar-B-Que painting (which Sara renamed “Ghosts of Pigs Past”… love that! See enlargement above) So, this week while Sara has been working on her drawing, I have started the next in the Lower Haight Series, the bathroom at Tornado. I have gotten the color laid in and next week the “painting” starts.

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