Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The blank canvas

I often feel like I am in the marble quarries of Michelangelo’s Carrara when I am picking canvas for my next painting. It’s a ritual, I touch the surface and I look at the wood stretchers for size. For me, it is always new and exciting. I love this part of the process.

Generally, I pick my canvas based on an idea that is away off as I am usually in the middle of another painting. I pick it out; take it to the studio and it waits, stacked up with the rest of them.

When I am close to completing a painting I start to prep the new one. This means getting the Gesso on. Gesso is the Italian word for “chalk” and has this very long and, for us painters, romantic history. It represents the beginning and the possibilities. For non-painters it is simply used for both sizing and priming the canvas.

I thought I was almost finished with the Minnie’s Bar-B-Que painting, and then it took on it’s own life (I am getting used to this) and I am nowhere near done. But, that said, I have prepped the canvas for what I think will be the next painting in the “Lower Haight” series, the bathroom at Tornado. I am looking forward to starting this new one – should be fun!

Oh, and thank you John @ Artbot Photography for posting up some of my paintings on your web page! BTW, if you are in need of having your work photographed, John’s a great guy, always responsive and easy to work with - he delivers on time.

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