Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter light

I am not sure exactly what date is the actual start of winter, but as my friend Liz would say; “Just Google it!”. All I know is that the studio is cold and the light has changed. It is very inviting, moody and romantic. I love that there is a hole in the window (which could potentially destroy the paintings from the moisture), but I have covered it with plastic for the near term. It feels so Paris, circa 1910. It feels so much like what an Artists studio should be... there has to some suffering doesn’t there?

I am always grateful for shows, so many thanks to Andy G. @ Cafe Que Tal for inviting me to have a show for this month, December. Stop by if you get a chance (see event listings on my web page for address).

I am currently continuing my “Lower Haight” series to get ready for the next show in April at Bean There Cafe (thanks Maurice F.). I have just finished #3, LH Terrace View

and now working on #4, “Memphis Minnie’s”... about 2/3rds along with this one (and making my partner Anne and neighbor Sara crazy with all the neurotic “what do you think, what do you thinks”). Hope to have it finished up next week.

The “heat is on” to get ready as this show is in “my hood”.

#1 is Noc Noc Bar and #2 UVA Enoteca

Just booked a show at the coveted Jumpin’ Java (thanks Sal F.) for January 2012... wonder what work I will have in two years? The process is always interesting.

Yes, the process is always interesting. IPod back on, Italian Opera. Taxie at my feet. It’s all good!

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